Vivo S1 Android 12 Update: Release Date & Top Features

Vivo S1 Android 12 Update

Vivo S1 Android 12 Update

FunTouch OS 12 technology brings your VIVO S1 with VIVO S1 Android 12 Update to work correctly. For the first time, the FunTouch OS 12 will be available with the Vivo S1’s Android 12 update.

Since Android 12’s October release, most smartphone manufacturers have introduced customized user interfaces based on the operating system. The Vivo S1’s FunTouch OS 12 has been published. It is now available for download on the VIVO S1 Android 12 has updated the smartphone performance. A new timetable is now available, as are numerous extra custom skin options. Vivo’s latest Android skin update contains several minor tweaks that should result in a more fluid user experience. According to the sources, the FunTouch OS 12 update will be available for various new devices in the future. This page will be updated with the release date and primary features of FunTouch OS 12.

FunTouch OS 12 Update Release Date

Vivo announced that the FunTouch OS 12 would be available in November 2021. It is compatible with many Vivo smartphones, including the Vivo S1 the Vivo X70 Pro+. Vivo also announced an extension to the deployment, extending it through the end of April 2022. Almost all Vivo phones and tablets are expected to update FunTouch OS 12 shortly.

The FunTouch OS 12’s Main Features

Vivo S1’s 12 update does not get a significant overhaul but rather a series of incremental improvements to improve the user experience. Vivo has confirmed that some of FunTouch OS 12’s most powerful features have been tested, including a revised user interface, new widgets, and other enhancements. Now, let’s get to the point.

New UI Design

Vivo asserts that FunTouch OS 12 will modernize the company’s user interface (UI). The recent version of the program has a completely revamped user interface and more customization options.

Small Widgets

VIVO S1 Updated to Android 12 with FunTouch OS 12 system that will be user-friendly tiny widgets, allowing users to customize their home screen and quickly access more information. Vivo’s Android-based skin will also get additional devices in the future.

Extended RAM

Vivo refers to the virtual RAM as “Extended RAM” and markets it as such. Vivo phones running FunTouch OS 12 will make VIVO S1 Android extended. Their RAM may increase by up to 4GB to guarantee a smoother experience. It enhances the available RAM by allocating a part of the ROM storage to RAM.

Nano Music Player

The Nano music player, accessed through the FunTouch OS 12 website, enables users to play music quickly and efficiently. A widget for a playlist organizer such as Spotify or JOOX will be accessible on the website’s home page.

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