Africa hunts Great White Sharks

Eight great white sharks died in South Africa after being attacked by two killer whales.

A report about two great white shark-hunting killer whales discovered off the coast of

South Africa was just published in the African Journal of Marine Science. Great white sharks have

left the area, fearing a whale pair may devour them. The orca is the great white shark's only other predator,

apart from humans. Whales may grow to be 30 feet long and weigh more than six tonnes, feeding

on fish, squid, seals, and seabirds in the Antarctic seas. Great white sharks may grow to be 22 feet long

and 2.5 tonnes in weight.Two orcas may be members of a distinct shark-eating morphotype 

based on the wounds they left. There is a limit to control pressure the ecosystem can 

withstand, and the consequences of orcas eradicating sharks are likely to be far-reaching.