Apple’s MacBook Pro M2 is Loser (Xbox)

Winners and Losers: The Xbox app lands on Samsung TVs as Apple’s MacBook Pro M2’s SSD stumbles

Loser Apple The Loser of this week is Apple, YouTubers tested MacBook Pro M2. After Testing some disappointing results happen. 

The M2 chip is being upgraded on the M1. It seems the SSD 256 in the cheapest M2-Powered Pro only almost 1% faster than M1 Model.

According the Tech Experts Experiment they reviewed and analyze the read speed is 50% slower 

than the SSD in the Pro M1, while the writing speed is 30% slower.

Winner Samsung Brand is the winner of this week. Because they launched its new Gaming Hub Smart TV.

with higlight being the Xbox App Gaming Hub is Amazing for Gamers to access a wide range titles on their 

Televison without installing a new PC Setup. They don't need to download the games from internet

because everything supports or based on the cloud.