Stylish Budget Smartphone Of 2022

In the Stylish Competition, the winner of 2022 is Realme C35. C35 is a champion when it comes

to style. This Mobile is the stylish budget smartphone of 2022. 

The weight of 189g and it is ultra-thin. The weight of the Realme c35 is less than the iPhone 13. This Mobile comes

in two beautiful and professional colors. Glowing Green and Glowing Black.

DUBAI, UAE, July 5, 2022 C35 has been Launched. One of the fastest-growing

smartphone brands, Realme has launched in the United Arab Emirates with

Premium features and a reasonable price starting from AED 629.

The Model Realme C35 is the thinnest and lightest phone in the C series. It comes with a

(50 Mega-Pixels) Rear Camera, 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. 5000mAh

Battery with great battery backup and 18W Fast Charging Support.