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ISO/IEC 7812 specifies the format of bank cards and payment card numbers. The first six digits of these numbers are the bank identity number (BIN) or issuer identification number (IIN). It’s a standard feature on plastic money like credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and stored-value cards. Bin Checker Pro APK provides the said facility to make your transactions trackable.

The Benefits Identification Number (BIN) shows a card’s brand, issuing bank, country of issue, card type, and category. This knowledge is essential for preventing fraud in business transactions, especially on the internet.

Additional Benefits BIN Checker Offers

Financial firms like American Express often make use of bank identifiers. Referring to a BIN as an identification number is standard practice. The numbering system helps find theft or possible security breaches by comparing information like the issuing institution and the cardholder’s address.

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To What End?

The American National Standards Institute and the ISO created the bank identification number (BIN) system to uniquely identify financial institutions that issue bank cards. The first number of the BIN shows the Main Industry Identifier (MII), which can be something like “airline,” “bank,” or “travel.” In contrast, the subsequent five digits identify the issuing institution or bank. On Visa credit cards, the MII begins with the number 4. The Business Identifier Number Checker helps analyze and evaluate the credit card processing of a business.

The BIN makes it easier for a merchant to find the issuing bank’s name if the issuing bank is located in the same country as the device used to complete the transaction and if the customer’s address is correct. A business owner can use this number to speed up transactions and accept more types of payments.

On the payment page, a person who wants to buy something online will be asked for their credit card information. The issuing bank, card type (debit or credit), card level (corporate or platinum), card type (debit or credit), and issuing bank nation may all be determined from the first four to six digits of the card number sent to the online shop.


The BIN Checker Pro APK can tell which issuer is called for authorization to make sure the card or account is valid and there are enough funds for the purchase. The charge is either authorized or rejected as a result of this procedure.

A client might be at a gas station and use their credit card to pay while they wait in line. When a consumer purchases using their credit card, the system checks the BIN to determine which financial institution issued the card. The customer’s account gets flagged with an authorization request. A few seconds later, the request is granted, and the transaction is completed successfully. With the BIN, the credit card processing system can know where the consumer got the money; thus, the transaction can go through.

Bin Checker Pro APK Download

Description of the BIN Checking Application

The BIN Checker program, also known as the BIN Checker Pro APK, is to verify the validity of a Bank Identity Number (BIN) against a regularly maintained database. There are now over +365,460 distinct BIN in the database. Please keep in mind that the database is thorough but not foolproof.

Even though the developers try to ensure the information is correct. Visitors know that they are not responsible for any mistakes or missing information. Your bank is the only entity that can verify your bank account details. We advise contacting your bank if you need to make a time-sensitive payment.

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How to Download Bin Checker Pro APK

Continue reading to learn how to install Bin Checker Pro APK on your device.

1. Click the “Download” button, and it will be sent to your device’s storage. Finally, give the process a few seconds to download the Bin Checker PRO APK.

2. Installing installation from other sources is necessary for installing software from other locations.

3. Turn on the option for “Unknown Sources” To enable your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, navigate to Menu > Settings > Security > and turn on “Unknown sources.”

4. Once you’ve completed the previous step, navigate to your file manager and the Downloads folder to open the file.

After the setup, you may launch the APP and do business as usual. Nevertheless, the original BIN Checker Pro APK or any other MOD versions must be removed before installing the Upgraded APK MOD.

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