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Alight Motion is a free mobile application to create animation, visual effects and video editing for Android and IOS. This app empowers you with advanced features like keyframe animations, vector graphics, and bleeding modes to enhance your creativity. You have to pay for its advanced editing features. But, Alight Motion APK Mod will let you use its advanced features for free.

Why Alight Motion APK Mod?

Alight Motion is a user-friendly and flexible video editing tool. Beginners can use it easily and create simple projects, while experienced users can use its advanced features for complex projects.

Being a mobile application, Alight Motion features are usually found in professional video editing software. Including chroma keying, audio editing, layer-based editing and many more.

Alight Motion allows, users to work on their projects or make animation, and edit videos anytime, anywhere accessing their mobile devices. This is very convenient for users who want to edit videos while travelling.

This app enables the users to produce a wide range of content ideas, whether creating shot films, YouTube video advertisements or animated graphics.

Alight Motion APK Mod Main Features:

1. Chroma Keying (Green Screen):

This feature allows removing a specific colour from a video, like green and blue. When Creating transparent background videos with different backgrounds.

2. Layer-Based Editing:

The layer-based editing feature is just like professional video editing software. Allows users to add and replace multiple elements independently. Including images, effects, text and video clips.

3. Keyframe Animation:

This app helps create complex animation by setting keyframes and defending starting and ending points. Keyframe Animation has precise control over the movement and timing of objects within the videos or animation.

4. Vector Graphics and Shapes:

Alight Motion offers vector and shape graphics that allow users to create and replace geometric text, objects and illustrations. This feature is handy for creating titles, logos, and other graphical objects.

5. Motion Blur:

You can add motion blur to moving objects in your video. The blur effect will automatically occur when an unnecessary object is in motion. This feature helps create more realistic and visual animations.

How To Install Alight Motion Mod:

  • Download the app from the above link and install it.
  • Make sure that “Unknown resources from the mobile setting is checked”
  • After installing the APK, open it and enjoy the fully unlocked Alight Motion app.


Alight Motion is the best app for content creators because it’s free and easy to use whether for beginner or professional editors. This app user-friendly app empowers its users to explore the different ideas of editing. Alight Motion APK mod offers all paid features for free, this is an opportunity for creators to enhance their creativity and take full of it.

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