Unlocking the Internet: Free Internet for Android Globe Using VPN

Free vpn settings for Android free internet

Free Internet VPN:

In this modern period where everything has digitalized and the internet is the basic need of almost every person, Mobile data packages are not affordable for all, so many people search for the Free Internet for Android Globe Using VPN, but finding the best free VPN settings for Android is not easy.


I have been using the Unlimited free Internet VPN app for 5 months with high-speed internet and unlimited data for free!!

In this article, I will share with you the unlimited free internet VPN without paying,

And be aware of those who use your search intent to sell their affiliate VPN Services, and manipulate you to buy Paid VPNs like Express VPN, Nord VPN, Sky VPN etc.

So, let’s see first!!

Difference Between Paid and Free VPN:

Paid VPN services offer a good data plan for an amount of money with unlimited data, and fast internet speed offering a 30-day trial to engage people with their services.

when you will buy a paid VPN service you will have to register an account which you can share with some limited people.

A paid VPN is a better option than a data package because it gives a good amount of data and internet speed!

You need a credit card to activate a 30-day trial of any paid VPN.

Free VPN:

Free VPN internet is a trick or method to use free internet by uploading payload in paid VPNs and using their mods or crack versions,

The free internet VPN for Android offers unlimited free fast-speed internet.

Free VPNs don’t require an account registration and are 100% safe and secure.

When we can use free internet with a free VPN why would we pay for a paid VPN or use a 30-day trial??

Golden UDP Max: Free Internet for Android Globe VPN

“Golden UDP Max” is the best free VPN available for Android devices. Developed by Gold Group LTD, this VPN provides almost all countries premium servers.

Other features like the hotspot feature allow you to share mobile internet with a computer and other mobile devices without the help of any third-party app, and an internet speed tester option.

Golden UDP Max VPN is fast and allows users a secure getaway to the internet!!

Setting Up Free Internet for Android Globe Using VPN:

  • Download the Golden UDP Max APP from the link below and Install it.
  • Connect the first time with the internet and load all the servers.
  • Select your SIM card server and Connect it.

Golden UDP Max Hotspot Feature:

  1. Turn on Mobile Hotspot from Mobile Device Settings.
mobile hotspot

2. Connect VPN, Click On the Right Corner, and Open the 3 Lines Option.

3. Now Click On the First Option, Tethering.

hotspot tethering

4. Then, Turn on Hotspot Option.

golden udp hotspot

5. Click on the 5th step, the “Click Here” Option, and Copy the Proxy Hostname and Proxy Port.

copy hostnamea and port

6. Open Network an Internet in your Computer.

Network and internet

7. Click on the Proxy Option

Computer proxy

8. Finally, Turn On the Proxy Option Put the Hostname and Proxy Port in the Empty Box and Click on Save.

proxy settings in pc


You are done. Now enjoy Free VPN Unlimited Internet on your Computer and also Connect to other Mobile devices.


Finding a free internet VPN for Android is not easy usually people don’t share the best free VPN settings for Android because they worry about getting settings blocked. Golden UDP Max works globally and offers free unlimited data and fast-speed internet, secure privacy from online viruses and malware and protects our sensitive data, this is the best free internet VPN for Andriod. Usually, it’s challenging to access free VPN internet on other devices, So Golden UDP Max provides a hotspot option that allows you to share Free Internet with other devices like Mobile and PC, don’t do bad practices of free internet VPN.


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