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Here at Ownage Pranks, we’d like to introduce you to this voice changer and hilarious prank call. Ownage Pranks MOD APK allows you to make a prank call with only one press. Choose a prank, call a buddy while pretending to be someone else, and make them laugh loudly with a phony call and a voice changer.

You’ll feel like a true prankster with a fake prank caller because you can easily prank your friends from anywhere using a variety of hilarious voice changers. This program is excellent if you want to joke on a friend or family member by making a silly prank call. This incredible prank caller tool makes it as easy as pie to make a mock phone call.

This MOD APK provides fantastic spoof caller and fake caller software that you can use to fool your friends into thinking they’ve received a call from someone else. Listen to these hilarious false calls performed by trained actors to perfect your prank-calling skills. You may use a voice changer to make a false call and send it to your buddies without them ever suspecting a thing.

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Make a Prank Call: Step-by-Step Instructions!

Following the simple instructions below, you can now easily prank call your friends with the Ownage Pranks MOD APK.

The first step in making the ideal spoof call is selecting a prank from the app’s pre-recorded prank library. The second step is to choose a contact to be the victim of your prank call and give them a phony caller ID. Finally, in the third and last stage, you’ll only need to press the send button, and Ownage Pranks will take care of the rest.

Features: Hundreds of Funny Calls & Pranks

  • Actors with excellent voices record prank audio.
  • The newsfeed showcases the most entertaining responses provided by the users of Ownage Pranks.
  • Make unlimited prank calls every day with your daily free credit.
  • When you record a prank, it will be stored in your “My Pranks” section, where you may play it back at any time.
  • Each day we’ll be updating with brand-new practical jokes.
  • If you want to pull off the ideal prank call, you need some false ambient noises.
  • Send prank calls or texts from a variety of numbers to avoid detection.
  • All prank calls are taped, so there’s no need to use a voice changer or alter your natural voice.
  • Calling goes through your computer’s internet connection rather than your mobile phone provider.
  • Many language options are available.
  • Worldwide distribution.
  • Dial the appropriate landline or cell number.
  • After the call, listen to the tape of the prank call.
  • Before you pick up the phone and contact a buddy, you should first listen to a fake call.
  • Pick a phone number from our list of ownage pranks.
  • In this hoax call, the voice you hear is not authentic.
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For What Reason Should You Download the Ownage Pranks MOD APK?

In today’s period, when happenings in the entertainment industry have made it clear that the public needs more enjoyment, the opposite is true. As a result, Ownage Pranks MOD APK is a solid setting for joking and making fun with people. You may choose from a wide variety of people to prank call. The software allows you to see how committed your partner is to you. Prank calls with human voices are an available option. There are voices for every situation, such as those of a hot girl, an angry lover, an older woman, doctors, famous people, and more. If you’re sick of repeatedly using the same old jokes, this MOD APK is for you.


Please use this app at your discretion. All possible side effects include black eyes, divorces, and fits of laughter-induced hysteria. Such outcomes are not anything for which we can be held responsible. The users of this software are solely responsible for any outcomes. Take caution while using the app.

How to Download Ownage Pranks Mod APK

If you want to download Ownage Pranks Mod, Follow these Steps.

Step 1. If you already have a version of the app installed, remove it.

Step 2. Get the most recent version of the app from our site.

Step 3. Once the download is complete, locate the APK file.

Step 4. Now install the app as shown.

Step 5. Open the app after it has been installed and enjoy it. 

App Details

NamePrank Call Voice Changer App
Size20 MB
App TypeFREE

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