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Parallax MOD APK Description

parallax mod apk premium version

This Parallax Mod APK app is great if your smartphone’s background is becoming old and you don’t want to replace it with tedious and static wallpapers. Utilize the outstanding visual experience that 3D parallax backgrounds give by customizing your smartphone backdrops. Simple actions may transform your boring phone backgrounds into attractive artwork. You are making your home screen into a galaxy full of realistic details: stunning graphic effects and customized photographs on your phone.

You may not be acquainted with parallax graphics, but they have gyroscope-controlled visual components layered in layers. Turn your phone’s screen to glimpse the depths of space. Therefore, the wallpaper has spectacular 3D effects to make it even better. 3D Parallax Background allows Android gamers to change their backgrounds. The result will be a more pleasurable visual experience on your phone. 

This area contains several tools and routines for modifying your parallax images. You may personalize your phone using Vinwap’s extensive library of 3D wallpapers in parallax mod APK and other community-contributed visuals.

Requirements of Parallax MOD APK

The Parallax Mod APK app is easily accessible on many mobile devices if you’re interested. Preferably Android 4.0.3 or above. 3D Parallax Background needs storage and media access to perform correctly. An Internet connection is required to download online content from the in-app library.

Amazing Selections.

Android users will be able to experience not just 3D but also exciting and unusual 4D backdrops. Explore these new visual elements on your device’s home screen while creating stunning 4D visuals in HD. Your gorgeous home screens will, as a result.

parallax mod apk

Wallpapers with Visual Effects.

Additionally, Android users will have over 350 unique 3D and 4D backgrounds to pick from, with more to come. Every week, new wallpapers are added to the online collection. You may choose from a wide range of themes and settings. Any of these will change your phone’s visual experience. The Pro section’s extra material ensures a continual stream of new wallpapers.

3D Wallpapers

Anyone interested may now create and share their multi-layered wallpapers with unique components. Play around with the in-app designer and see what you can start with the game’s images. It’s great fun to make your 3D and 4D wallpapers and share them with friends or publish them online. You may also use other people’s fantastic graphics from the community-shared collection. This improvement dramatically expands the app’s creative possibilities.

parallax mod


Some of you worry that the software will consume the battery since it runs in the background. The 3D wallpapers stop playing when you switch control panels or launch apps on your phone. It only appears on the home screen. The app uses little power while active and no energy when idle, allowing you to enjoy stunning visuals without compromising battery life.

Compatible with Android 

3D Parallax Background is compatible with most Android launchers, enhancing your in-app experiences. This way, you may use the app with any launcher. The mobile app will allow for additional editing and aesthetic customization.

The app is accessible on the Google Play Store doesn’t make it any less annoying when certain premium features are disabled. Why pay for an app if you can’t use it fully? So, to maximize the program, utilize the customized version with us.

Additional Information

App Name3D Wallpaper Parallax – 4D Backgrounds
App Size7 MB
App Installs10,000,000+
Android Requirements5.0 and up
App CategoryTools

Parallax Mod APK Download

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Android users can now build gorgeous 3D Parallax Backgrounds using ZEDGE’s extensive wallpaper library. This area allows Android users to experience the magnificent aesthetics of 3D and 4D wallpapers fully. You can also download an unlocked and free app to start enjoying 3D Parallax Background.

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